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Aragon St-Charles


I and am passionate about issues of sustainability and environmental protection I have a particular interest in evolving sustainable agricultural and architectural practices as they relate to communities and society as a whole


Aquaponics is one such method of agricultural innovation that interests me greatly, but I also have a deep interest in permaculture and other such methods that value biodiversity and which seek to mimic and work in harmony with nature rather than destroying it.  I am a fully qualified permaculture teacher and I enjoy implementing urban agricultural design.


The world has experienced such rapid development over the past 100 years, and some agricultural advances that were originally lauded when first introduced, are now either failing miserably or are on the brink of doing so, at tremendous cost not only to the earth, but inevitably to ourselves as well.


As well as agriculture, I have a passion for sustainable architecture and design, and innovative solutions to growing energy consumption.  I find it fascinating that the process of innovation in housing design is often in fact, a process of the rediscovery of once commonly used techniques that had stood the test of time.  I love to see architecture and design that heeds the design considerations of the past, and which builds on those to create a comfortable and sustainable future.


I believe that micro-level ecological, environmental and sustainability initiatives will prove to be the most fundamental change in our thinking for the future.  If we can initiate change on an individual, group, and community level, then we will truly see change happen.  Governments should be guided by their peoples, and so initiative must come from the smallest unit for change possible - the individual.


Education, and the curiosity to find out about what is happening in the world today both globally and locally, will keep us moving forward.  Innovation and adaption happen when we keep our eyes and minds open, see the problems and work on the solutions.  It starts with an open mind and it ends with action.


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