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Aragon St-Charles


A love doing sport. Really, I can't imagine life without sport and I love individual sports that challenge us on our own, and I loves team sports that challenge us together and make us play for others instead of ourselves.  I think that everyone should play an individual and a team sport as often as possible throughout their lives.


I have played and coached sports more seriously since I started University.  This is what I play now, or did play, and my positions:


Lacrosse is my main sport - I have played and coached since 1993.  I was the  captain and coach of my University every year that I played, and won my colours for lacrosse.  As a Development Officer I set up, or assisted with the setting up of 8 teams across SE England.  I still coach occasionally in Japan.


I played rugby at school (and hated it) and then started playing again at C4 for a team called "The Wild Geese", a more casual Saturday league team.  I usually played scrum-half or wing, fairly badly, but with spirit.  I was far better at the drinking and the singing that came after the matches.


I started playing hockey at C4 and I loved it.  I played for the 2nd's team and benefited from a great coach and some exceptionally talented team-mates.  I wasn't too bad at hockey (maybe because the skills are similar to lacrosse in some ways) but I really loved the hockey people, the socials and the camaraderie.


I started trampolining for fun at UKC, before completing my coaching certifications and was club President when I moved to C4.  I really enjoyed trampolining and was not too bad at it, but I loved this club because it got many people involved in sport that might not otherwise have participated.


I first founded the horse riding club at C4 during my year as the Sports Officer.  This club was set up to widen participation in sport and it become one of the biggest clubs by membership.  I am a terrible, but very enthusiastic and fearless rider who was probably a menace in the saddle.  I still ride now if I can.


I have played tennis socially (for fun) all my life.  I have an LTA Level 1 certificate and also founded the Ladies Tennis Club at C4 (again as part of my Sports Officer year).  I still enjoy playing and do so in Japan occasionally.


I love skiing and have skied for a very long time.  During University I used to work as a Ski guide over the winter holidays and love nothing more than hurtling down black runs and the 'steep and Deep' whenever I can.  I arrived in Japan on a Thursday and was in the powder by that Saturday!